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The most difficult and most demanding recruitments

Jurek Executive Search is the business area at Jurek in which we manage the most difficult, most demanding recruitments. Each client and each assignment is unique and we always adapt our approach and solutions accordingly.

Each project includes thorough, comprehensive mapping of key individuals in related industries and organisations. Using a short list, we then contact and meet the most interesting candidates, giving reasons why they have been selected, and finally prepare customised offers and negotiate contracts.

Appointing executives and specialists demands more; more of you as the client and more of us who handle the recruitment. Executive Search is therefore a very systematic process with clear steps, interim goals and final goals. All recruitment processes are managed by very experienced recruitment consultants with long experience of both the recruitment industry in general and the recruitment of executives and specialists in particular.

For Executive Search to be effective, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the client’s business operations, corporate culture and values, and of course to know the objective of the recruitment. Consequently, we only take on assignments when we are convinced we can complete them successfully.

Our aim is always to have long-term relations with both clients and candidates. As a result, we value confidentiality, professionalism and goal-oriented dialogue above all else.


Prerequisite for companies to develop

A company must have the right Board of Directors if it is to develop in the right direction. Jurek Executive Search knows what is required and has the network to find the right people.

Using a clear, structured process, we ensure that the Board of Directors gets the people and the skills required. We always consider the overall composition of personalities and skills to take account of the challenges and opportunities facing the company.



Bachelor’s in personnel, work and organisation, Stockholm University 1995
Pedagogics, business economics and English, Stockholm University
Executive development: UGL, Ericsson leadership training, Kompassen,
Tests: OPQ, HAS, TalentQ

Business area manager, Jurek Executive Search

Partner, Active Search
Business area manager, Ogunsen
Recruitment consultant, Adecco
HR consultant, Riksgälden
HR manager, Ericsson

Charlotte Brasch
+46 731 42 50 64

Personnel administration, Örebro University, 2005
Sales and management training: Adecco University, SHL Talent Management
Tests: OPQ, TalentQ

Senior consultant, Jurek Executive Search

Senior consultant, Executive Sales Search
Search/recruitment consultant, PeakSearch
Business Development Manager, SHL Group
Account Manager, Adecco
Chief consultant, Adecco
Staffing and recruitment officer, Servisair Arlanda

Joakim Folmer Hansen
Senior consultant
+46 739 87 97 22

Stockholm School of Economics, business administration
Coach training, ICF level PCC
The Swedish Academy of Board Directors, 2015, Board work

Senior consultant, Jurek Executive Search

CEO, Rekrytera AB
Senior consultant, Penna Human Capital Management
CEO, Programmera Rekrytering
Head of sales, Kodak Nordic AB

Gunilla Von Gegerfelt
Senior Consultant
+46 739 88 85 94

Fil kand i Sociologi, Stockholms Universitet 2005 Diplomerad Marknadsekonom, Berghs School of Communication, 1997

Researcher, Jurek Executive Search

Manager Business Support, PPMO, TeliaSonera IT Consultant, PMO, TeliaSonera Communication Consultant, Hammer & Hanborg Project Manager, Marketing Communication, Hewlett Packard

Pernilla Svensson
+46 076 80 80 01
Elin Heinerud
+46 72 94 48 493


Personalvetare, Stockholms Universitet


Recruitment Assistant

Kajsa Nordebrink
Recruitment Assistant
+46 76 949 66 89


Solution during recruitment or change process

If you need a temporary manager or specialist for a specific period of time, we can help you at Jurek Executive Search. The same is true whether you need someone to fill in during a recruitment process or need additional managerial staff during a change process.

Jurek Executive Search has an established network of executives and specialists with long experience of change work. We follow the same process as for standard recruitment via Executive Search and customise each assignment so that we always find the person with the right knowledge, experience and understanding for the client’s needs and situation.

Career coaching

Under the Executive Search umbrella, we also offer career coaching as a service. This is designed to help you take the next step in your professional life. We help you identify strengths and weaknesses and advise you on what you need to get you where you want to go.

Our experienced career coaches have long experience of recruitment and know what is required. They will also help you prepare a professional and attractive CV that you can use in your search for a job.

Personal Due Diligence

Creating new relations always entails a certain risk. This is as true for recruitment as it is for company acquisition. Consequently, Jurek Executive Search offers fact-based background checks on individuals in which we map and analyse a number of factors.

Personal Due Diligence is always conducted in confidence and normally involves mapping, analysis and follow-up of an individual’s financial and legal status. We also offer media profiles for both physical persons and legal entities.

All reports are delivered within two to five working days in the form of extensive written documentation and a thorough verbal review.


Second Opinion

Have you already found one or more candidates for an executive or specialist position? Our Second Opinion service is a useful way of ensuring that they meet the requirements.

After absorbing the client’s requirements profile, we meet the candidate or candidates, perform a number of tests and interviews and go through any references. All the tools we use have been scrutinised by the Foundation for Applied Psychology (Stiftelsen för tillämpad psykologi) and give a good idea of who is most suitable for a specific assignment.

All tests are performed by our highly experienced recruitment consultants at Executive Search.


Mentors play an important role in personal development. With the right mentor, you always have a reliable, competent adviser close at hand. We offer very experienced mentors who are both expert in and familiar with change processes, structure work and leadership.
Our mentors understand your challenges and needs.